At Genesis Club, we want you to have fun and enjoy yourselves to the FULLEST EXTENT POSSIBLE!

GENESIS CLUB is a PRIVATE club, and as such, membership is required to enter. Upon entering for the first time, you will be required to present a valid ID, review some paperwork with our friendly staff and fill out our membership form. Your name, address, phone number and other personal information are personal and kept confidential. We never give them out to other guests and we do not sell or rent our mailing lists. EVER! You will receive a membership card, and you are required to present this card every time you return to Genesis Club…and trust us…you’ll want to come back! In addition to the yearly membership fee, there is also a per-visit Door Donation. Membership and Door Donation fees are as follows: CASH ONLY


Per Couple = $85
Per Single Lady = $30
Per Single Gentleman = $90


Per Couple = $40
Per Single Lady = $15
Per Single Gentleman = $65


Per Couple = $20 ($60 Total including Door Donation)
Per Single Lady = $15 ($30 Total including Door Donation)
Per Single Gentleman = $45 ($110 Total including Door Donation)

A $15 fee will be charged for lost membership cards.

Once your membership is taken care of, one of our staff members will be glad to give you a tour of the entire club and answer any questions you might have. Relax, enjoy yourselves, and don’t be afraid to mingle! We are proud to say we have the friendliest staff and patrons around.